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Divorce or Division of Assets Appraisals

Navigating a divorce or asset division is emotionally challenging, and I understand the sensitivity of this period for clients.


Through confidential appraisal services, I provide a fair market value assessment for buyouts or property sale estimates. Recognizing the significance of a home as a valuable asset, my goal is to offer clarity.


In certain cases, multiple reports may be necessary, considering retrospective values based on the marriage or habitation date, as well as values at the date of separation or the current "as-is" value.



As a real estate appraiser, I play a crucial role in bankruptcy proceedings by assessing the accurate market value of real estate assets.


This is vital for the fair distribution of assets among creditors. I conduct thorough, unbiased appraisals, considering factors like location, size, condition, and recent sales.


My expertise ensures a transparent process in line with market realities and legal requirements, contributing to fairness in property valuation for bankruptcy cases.

Estate Appraisals

During the challenging period of bereavement, the settlement of an estate is facilitated by the executor.

Schroeder Consulting LTD offers professional services and comprehensive Estate Appraisal reports to assist during this difficult time.

Professionals such as lawyers and accountants may rely on these reports to calculate estate and probate values. The appraisal report can furnish an 'As of' estimated value, reflecting either the retrospective date (date of disposition) of the loved one's passing or the current 'As Is' estimated market value.

Confidentiality is a priority when utilizing Schroeder Consulting LTD for estate appraisal reports.


Our commitment to privacy protection is upheld, providing a high level of confidentiality in the Calgary and surrounding real estate market areas.

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Employee Relocation Appraisals

Schroeder Consulting specializes in relocation appraisals catering to provincial, national, or international employers facilitating staff resettlement. These appraisal reports offer service companies insights into recent public market sales, pending sales, and listings under contract.


Moreover, the analysis includes a review of expired or terminated listings, shedding light on properties withdrawn from the market, potentially influenced by homeowners opting not to sell or avoiding further price reductions due to market conditions.


Recognizing the urgency associated with relocations, I am committed to delivering timely and dedicated service in providing these essential reports.

Tax Purposes

Schroeder Consulting offers tax appeal appraisals for clients aiming to contest the current assessed value determined through the ad valorem tax process. Homeowners initiate these appeals when the assessed value exceeds the market value achievable through an arms-length sale.


This situation often arises in communities with diverse residential values, particularly when the subject property stands as an outlier with a lower value compared to similar residential properties. Following the appraisal, if the market data indicates a lower value, homeowners have the right to appeal the assessed value according to the guidelines set by the City.

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Capital Gains Appraisals

Capital gains appraisals are vital for complying with real estate taxes under CRA. Whether you own property individually or with others, these appraisals are crucial for tax reporting (consulting with the CRA or your accountant is advised).


They are particularly necessary when your primary residence transitions to a rental property, requiring estimated market values for the rental start date and when it ceases to be one (e.g., property sale or reverting to a primary residence).


If no initial appraisal was provided for the rental start, a retrospective appraisal is necessary. If you've recently moved back, a 'As Is' current market value estimate is also needed. For prolonged occupancy after renting, two retrospective appraisals may be required for tax compliance.

Decision Making Purposes

Real estate appraisal is pivotal for decision-making, offering valuable insights into a property's market value. Whether buying, selling, refinancing, or investing, appraisals provide a comprehensive evaluation.


Appraisers analyze factors like location, size, condition, and recent comparable sales to establish an accurate and fair market value. This empowers individuals and businesses, ensuring they possess the knowledge needed to confidently navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

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Marketing or Sale Reports

As a real estate appraiser, creating marketing or sale reports is a fundamental part of my role. These reports involve in-depth analyses of the property market and sales dynamics. By collecting geographic data, assessing property size and conditions, comparing with recent similar sales, and factoring in environmental and economic influences, I produce precise and comprehensive reports.


These insights empower clients to make informed decisions about marketing or sales strategies, striving for optimal outcomes. The goal of these reports is to boost transparency and confidence in decision-making related to property marketing or sales initiatives.

Refinancing purposes

As a real estate appraiser, I play a vital role in property valuation for refinancing purposes. When homeowners or property owners seek to refinance their properties, I conduct a thorough assessment to determine the current market value of the real estate.


This involves considering various factors such as the property's location, size, condition, and recent comparable sales. The appraisal provides a reliable estimate of the property's worth, assisting financial institutions and borrowers in making informed decisions regarding the refinancing process.


By delivering accurate and comprehensive appraisals, I contribute to facilitating smooth refinancing transactions, ensuring that the assessed property value aligns with the current market conditions.

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Purchase Purposes

In my role as a real estate appraiser, I play a crucial part in property valuation for purchase purposes. When individuals or entities are considering buying a property, I conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the fair market value.


This involves a meticulous analysis of factors such as the property's location, size, condition, and recent comparable sales in the area. The appraisal aims to provide an accurate and unbiased evaluation of the property's worth, assisting potential buyers in making well-informed decisions.


By offering a reliable estimate of the property's value, I contribute to ensuring that buyers enter transactions with a clear understanding of the market value, facilitating a smoother and more transparent purchasing process.

Contaminated Properties

As a specialized real estate appraiser for contaminated properties, I go beyond traditional valuation by evaluating real estate impacted by environmental contaminants.


I meticulously examine the property's history, potential hazards, and remediation efforts. Assessing the contamination's impact on property value involves considering health risks, legal implications, and cleanup costs.


My goal is to provide an accurate appraisal that reflects the property's true value, considering both its current state and the challenges associated with contamination. By offering insights into these unique considerations, I aid clients in making informed decisions for transactions or development projects involving contaminated real estate.

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Assessment Appeal Reports

I specialize in Assessment Appeal Reports, providing thorough assessments and documentation for clients challenging property assessments.


My role involves reviewing valuation methodologies, focusing on factors like comparable sales and property conditions. The objective is to identify inaccuracies in the initial assessment, and through detailed appeal reports, I assist property owners in potentially adjusting their tax assessments.


This process requires a deep understanding of local property tax laws, market dynamics, and appraisal techniques to advocate for fair valuations, ensuring property owners have a strong foundation for appealing assessments and achieving equity in tax valuations.

Foreclosure or Judicial Sale

In Canada, the term "foreclosure" is commonly used, aligning with the terminology prevalent in the United States.


However, in Alberta, mortgage holders primarily utilize two remedies: judicial sale, often referred to as foreclosure or Power of Sale. The procedures and rights associated with Power of Sale are regulated by the Mortgages Act, established case law, and outlined in the standard terms of residential mortgage agreements.

Canadian mortgage lenders, including banks, are obligated to safeguard the equity of property owners and strive to secure fair market value for the property within the current market conditions.

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