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As Jeff Schroeder, a certified Canadian Residential Appraiser, I bring years of expertise in real estate valuations.

My commitment is to uphold confidentiality while prioritizing your specific needs throughout the appraisal process, ensuring excellence in every assignment.

Diverse Clientele

My clientele is a diverse mix of individuals and entities, ranging from residential property owners, executors, executrixes, prospective homebuyers, investors, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, developers, primary and secondary lenders, law firms, relocation companies, and more.

Business Meeting

Versatile Appraisal Reports

Suburb Family Home

Mortgage Financing

Uncover the adaptability of my appraisal reports as they play a crucial role in facilitating mortgage financing, providing comprehensive insights for a seamless borrowing experience.

Country Style Home

Asset Division in Divorce Proceedings

Navigate the complexities of divorce proceedings with confidence as my appraisal reports contribute to fair and accurate asset division, ensuring an equitable resolution for all parties involved.

Suburb Home

Evaluating Estate Properties

Trust in the precision of my appraisal reports when it comes to evaluating estate properties, offering a reliable assessment that aids in informed decision-making for both executors and beneficiaries.

Upholding Excellence in Real Estate Services

In every assignment, I leverage my expertise to assist clients in meeting their specific requirements, prioritizing their needs throughout the appraisal process. Emphasizing the utmost importance of confidentiality, I ensure the secure handling of data and information at every step of the appraisal process.

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