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Schroeder Consulting LTD provides you with the expertise services for your appraisal requirements

Jeff Schroeder is a certified Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) and holds membership in the Appraisal Institute of Canada. He is also a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board.


With extensive experience spanning numerous years, Jeff has appraised thousands of properties, demonstrating his proficiency in a wide range of real estate valuations.

The properties he has appraised encompass various types, including single-family residential homes, multi-family residential units, condominiums, rural farmsteads, and vacant land.

Jeff's clientele comprises a diverse array of individuals and entities. He has provided appraisal services to residential property owners, executors and executrixes, prospective homebuyers, investors seeking to purchase or refinance properties, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, developers, primary and secondary lenders, law firms, relocation companies, and others.

His appraisal reports have been utilized for various purposes, such as mortgage financing, asset division during divorce proceedings, foreclosures, capital gains taxation, estate properties, relocation purposes, and even contaminated properties associated with grow operations.

In each assignment, Jeff leverages his expertise to assist clients in meeting their specific requirements, prioritizing their needs throughout the appraisal process. Confidentiality of data and information is of upmost importance through this process. 

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