Divorce & Separation Appraisals

With years of experience in divorce and separation appraisals I understand clients are dealing with emotions in what can be a difficult process. I determine an estimate of value based on facts from sales in the market place. I provide a confidential service and will protect the information received.

An appraisal will provide the parties with a report used to either sell the home or provide the estimated value for fair division of the buyout for one of your most important assets. Several appraisal reports may be required if both a retrospective value is required from 'As Of' time the original date of marriage (or habitation) as well as the value of date of separation or the 'As Is'.

Estate Appraisals

Settlement of an estate is provided through an executor of the estate during what is often a difficult period of bereavement. Schroeder Consulting LTD will provide the professional service and detailed Estate Appraisal report required. Professionals involved including lawyers, accountants or others may require the report to calculate the value for the estate and probate.

The appraisal report may provide an 'As of 'estimated value as of the retrospective date of passing of the loved one or a current As is estimated market value.

Confidentiality is bound by using Schroeder Consulting LTD for each estate purpose appraisal report completed for use for our clients. Schroeder Consulting provides a high level of privacy protection in the Calgary and surrounding real estate market areas.

Tax Appeal City Assessment

Tax appeal appraisals are provided for clients to challenge the current assessed value provided through the ad valorem tax process. The home owner contests the ad valorem value when the assessed value is higher than the value that would be provided in the marketplace through an arms length sale. This discrepancy generally occurs in a community with wide spanning residential values when and the subject is an outlier to the lower side of other residential values that are similar in attributes. Following the appraisal if the market data results in a lower estimate of value the home owner has the right to appeal the assessed value as provided through the guidelines of the City.

Foreclosure Appraisals

Generally Canadians use the term Foreclosure as this is the terms most used in the United States. In Alberta however the terms of remedy most common for mortgage holders include judicial sale (commonly known as foreclosure) or Power of Sale. Power of sale rights and procedures are governed by the Mortgages Act, case law, and are also set out in the standard terms attached to residential mortgage agreements.

In Canada Mortgage lenders or Banks are bound to protect the property owners equity and attempt to obtain fair market value for the property being sold in the current market.

Employee Relocation Appraisals

Relocation appraisals are provided for provincial, national or international employers who require resettlement of staff to another location. Relocation appraisal reports provide the service companies with recent public market sales, pending sales and listings that may be under contract. Additionally expired or terminated listings are reviewed for an understanding of what was removed from the market possibly due to home owners deciding not to sell the home owner wishing to not further decrease a list price due to market conditions. At Schroeder Consulting I have an understanding that generally relocation's require timely turn around for reports and I strive to provide dedicated service to providing this.   

Capital Gains Appraisals


Capital gains appraisals are prepared for real estate tax as required by the CRA. It may be a property your have invested in with others or real estate property you own (consult with the CRA or your accountant).

It may be that a capital gains tax appraisal is required when your primary residence has been switched to a rental property. For tax purposes an estimated market value will be required the date the property becomes a rental as well as when the property ceases being a rental (possibly sale of the property or an owner deeming the property as a primary residence again).

 If an appraisal was not provided at the time the property first became a retrospective appraisal as of that date will be required. If you have just moved back into the residence a current market value As Is estimated market value will also be required.

If you have lived in the property for a rather lengthy period  following renting two retrospective appraisals may be required.


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